MAD by ole-ole manis - wedding favors!!

hi semua..

kegilaan untuk nak purchase coupon milkAdeal (MAD) sye semakin menjadi2..haha..Tadi masa belek2 lates promo from MAD ni, terjumpa offer yang sangat berbaloi-baloi untuk B2B by ole-ole manis.

RM38 instead of RM100 for 50 Multidesign Favor Boxes from Ole Ole Manis, Setia Alam [62% OFF]

As sweet as Ole Ole Manis

For a limited time only, Ole Ole Manis is offering this sweet sweet deal of 50 multifunctional designed favor boxes worth RM100 at only RM38! These beautiful boxes come in an array of different dimension to suit your needs.
So, sesia yang berminat dengan promo ni, gi la sini -->

Selain favor box yang kat atas tu ada banyak lagi design lain.Contohnya macam yang kat bawah ni.

 Dan beberapa lagi. So kepada sesiapa yang berminat, boleh la jenguk kt MAD website at MAD by ole-ole manis or kt website ole-ole manis tu sendiri at ole-ole manis offer.

Show appreciation for guests on that special day with nothing but sweet memories enveloped in a fusion of sophistication and passion favors by grabbing hold of this sensational offer while it lasts!
till then..!!

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