please..please..please...please 'like' us (nyanyi dlm nada tone alif satar yek)

hi semua..

I know not much of you reading this blog..[chewah..english education plkkk].

But, to a few of my beloved readers, pleaseeee~~ do "like" us in pameran mengantin malaysia pictures..
We are participating in candid contest picture. Just with a"like" on our picture, you will help us save a lottttt of money on our wedding preparation..

 So, what you need to do is,
 1. go to Pameran pengantinMalaysia FanPage in FB [click sini], "like" them.
 2. Then, go to our pic in their album [click sini], and "like" our picture.

* This contest will end on 26th June 2011.

So, please help us yek.. siapa2 yang join this contest also and want to exchange "like", "like"us and pm me ok!! later i will "like" you also..

P/s: nak add sye as friend pn blh..hi3..

till then...

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